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Holding sound correctly for

Vocal Health

This Vocal Yoga  preparation for holding sound by the body, pre-speech or singing, comes from
one School of Technique only
 - Bel Canto. Certain exercises/asanas are employed based on this vocal/physical knowledge for your benefit and understanding . 


vocal yoga vocalyoga


Clare Fanning, was urged by the Maitre Marion to teach this heritage and has finally encased the Bel Canto Technique in an approachable way after teaching many years in Europe, America and in India.

Clare's idea to bring this knowledge to the greater general public came about as described in the guidebook's following prologue...

"During my sixth year of teaching voice, in Strasbourg, France, with 36 hours of private classes a week to give, I realized that this tradition/practice was not truly accessible to the general public. This was due to the limitation of hours one teacher can offer.  

When I had to refuse to help someone for lack of extra time, an idea began to form in the back of my mind to one day write a book on this technique. Such a work, I decided, with interactive assistance, could help ensure an understanding of the Bel Canto Technique for developing a strong and healthy voice. This guidebook, with video's, animations, and online classes will perhaps one day stand on its own, after much feedback from patient applicants...."

   A short audio intro to Vocal Yoga VY® by Clare Fanning