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vocal yoga vocalyoga


Holding sound correctly for

Vocal Health

This Vocal Yoga  preparation for holding sound by the body, pre-speech or singing, comes from
one School of Technique only
 - Bel Canto. Certain exercises/asanas are employed based on this vocal/physical knowledge for your benefit and understanding . 


vocal yoga vocalyoga


"After the first class there was a very positive energetic resonance that I felt with people, where as I would be normally more withdrawn.

 After my first day I noticed my sports program was not only much better but we were more enjoyable in our play.

Day two, which was remarkable I was able to express myself to someone that normally I refrained from speaking to for fear of hurting them. It made me feel clearer as a person to have expressed myself."

- Giridev Jaiswal, Indian,
International Township of Auroville, India

 Vocal Yoga