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Holding sound correctly for

Vocal Health

This Vocal Yoga  preparation for holding sound by the body, pre-speech or singing, comes from
one School of Technique only
 - Bel Canto. Certain exercises/asanas are employed based on this vocal/physical knowledge for your benefit and understanding . 


vocal yoga vocalyoga


...it had been not only very informative but also inspiring to read through the guide book. Thanks for all the work in making now the technique and linage available to many...
  - Aurelio, Austrian,                             
International Township of Auroville, India


I have been enjoying your Vocal Yoga book.  I am learning a lot, and it has increased my interest in taking the classes.  I have found it slow going because it is so serious and each chapter is like a class, and I find that I can't hurry through it, especially because there is an exam. 
- L.S, American,
International Township of Auroville, India


 vocal yoga