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Holding sound correctly for

Vocal Health

This Vocal Yoga  preparation for holding sound by the body, pre-speech or singing, comes from
one School of Technique only
 - Bel Canto. Certain exercises/asanas are employed based on this vocal/physical knowledge for your benefit and understanding . 


vocal yoga vocalyoga


"Day Three: 09 March. 2010.

We did the preparation today with laying down exercises. Not all of it, only few.

Then we got carried away with Vocal Focusing which was really interesting. Today we actually learn how to hold the sound within and learn to say 'a', It was very interesting for me because i have never heard myself saying 'a' consciously. The sound was really strong and i guess i could feel the diaphragm vibrate within me. It was a base tone. I was exhausted after the session. I guess holding the sound does uses calories and Vocal Yoga is like a sport."

- Suresh Gothandapani, Indian
International Township of Auroville, India


Vocal Yoga