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Holding sound correctly for

Vocal Health

This Vocal Yoga  preparation for holding sound by the body, pre-speech or singing, comes from
one School of Technique only
 - Bel Canto. Certain exercises/asanas are employed based on this vocal/physical knowledge for your benefit and understanding . 


vocal yoga vocalyoga

 AFTER 60 HOURS OF Vocal Yoga VY®

I have been thinking a lot about the course and its ideas and how to go about it. I might say that when I heard or understood in the beginning what Vocal Yoga meant for me (after sometime I might be able to sing and when I heard about the Bel canto that gave me the idea that maybe it is all about singing in an opera or training for it.)

But I was wrong after over sixties hours of classes and now I am so happy that it has been this way.

The life by itself is to be happy and strong and clear. Through Vocal Yoga VY course I have learned that it is possible to do it. And today when I express myself I feel much better inside of me and clearer to the ther people. I used to have a lot of aggression inside me and often it was turning into hatred and aggressive behavior. It was simply I had forgotten being a child and pure in the body. Through Vocal Yoga exercise I have learned to be like a child and learned to love others and have managed to earn respect back from the people. Sometime it feels like this is the answer for the better of the humanity. And I am very happy about the Vocal Yoga course.

- Giridev Jaiswal, Indian,
International Township of Auroville, India


Vocal Yoga